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Resources & Tips 

In line with our commitment to lifelong learning, we have curated whitepapers and other media of interest.

"Employing and Retaining  Older Workers" 

(2021 33pp)

The Australian Human Resource Institute partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission provides insight into the current employment climate for older workers, and the shift in perceptions around Australia’s ageing workforce. Click on the icon to read or download your copy.

"The Australian Seniors Series:

2021 Mindset Shift" 

(2021 32pp)

This study explores how seniors have re-evaluated what is important, and  adjusted their life priorities and perspective. 

Click on the icon to read or download your copy.

"The Australian Seniors Series:

Ageing in the Workforce 2021"

 (2021 30pp)

This research paper was commissioned by Australian Seniors in 2021. Click on the  icon to read or download your copy.

"Common Cause Handbook"  

(2021 42pp)

Common Cause is an organisation that focusses on values and frames. It strengthens intrinsic values for a more equal community no matter what race, gender and age. This Handbook shows you how its done. Click on the icon to read or download your copy.

Senior Entrepreneurship In Australia: Active Ageing And Extending Working Lives 
- Maritz, Eager, De Klerk (2015, 39pp)

This is the first empirical research specifically on senior entrepreneurship in Australia. It covers scope, impacts, senior perceptions, policy implications and recommendations.

Click on the icon to read or download your copy.

The Drivers of  Ageism
- The Benevolent Society (2017 7:14 mins)

This video was developed to support the launch of The Benevolent Society's 2017 foundational research into the drivers of ageism.

Click on the play button.

Retirement: Not the end of you
- SBS Insight Current Affairs (2022 120:25 mins)

A new generation of older Australians are redefining what it means to age …. and they're throwing expectations out the window.

Click on the play button.

The World Health Organisation (WHO)
Global Report on Ageism (
2021 76 mins)

Half the world’s population is ageist is the alarming statistic.
Ageism can change how we view ourselves, can erode solidarity between generations, can devalue or limit our ability to benefit from what younger and older populations can contribute, and can impact our health, longevity and well-being while also having far-reaching economic consequences.

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